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Selected Publications

Journal Papers: academic

Conference Papers

  • S. C. Boothroyd, D. W. Johnson, M. P. Weir, N. Clarke, R. L. Thompson K.S. Coleman (2015). The dispersion and stability of graphene oxide in polystyrene: 20th International Conference on Composite Materials, P-ID 3312-1.
  • A.P. Narrainen, L.R. Hutchings, W.J. Feast, R.L. Thompson, I.A. Ansari & N. Clarke (2006), Fluorocarbon end-functionalized polymers from poly(arylether) dendritic initiators, 231: 8th Conference on Macromolecules – Polymers for Africa. La Pirogue, Mauritania, La Pirogue, 103-109.
  • L.R. Hutchings, A.P. Narrainen, N. Clarke, R.L. Thompson & I.A. Ansari (2006), Well defined multi end-functionalized polymers as additives to modify surfaces and interfaces, 231: 231st National Meeting of the American-Chemical-Society. Atlanta, GA, Atlanta GA.